Sunday, January 25, 2015

Print run samples

The samples from the initial print run of the new Dargate Treasury by Andover have arrived. Since I have been sketching block and quilt designs for a few months now....I need to choose one and get sewing!

Monday, January 19, 2015

January little Hot Pads

Fun little Hot Pads made with printed antique images. Early 20th century Jar Rings came by the dozen in square cardboard boxes with the manufacturers logo on the top. These images (4" X 4") printed on cotton sateen are ready to sew. The packet of 4 comes with a pattern for a quilted Hot Pad. Finished size is 8" X 8".  
 I trim the white edges to 1/4"...which puts the sewing line right on the dull aqua border's edge.
 There is a paper backing which is easily removed before sewing.
 Back of the sewing project showing the image without paper backing.
Each design is dated. This one is 1930. We sell the Jar Rings as well as additional sets of Vintage Kitchen Cupboards (4) and Vintage Stoves (4). Each packet comes with the Hot Pad pattern.  These make great little gifts to have on hand....or to treat yourself.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Document color

This is the document coloration (color of the actual sample) of the big idea stripe in my new fabric line...Dargate Treasury. The scale of the design is appropriate for Furnishing goods of the early 19th century. The dating of the Dargate book is c. 1830. The tea coloration and the plain ground are common for this time period. By the 1830s you begin to see finely engraved fancy cover rollers offering complex patterns for grounds that are then overprinted with large florals.

Karen Melhouse of Canon Falls MN has designed a lovely center panel for a quilt featuring this fabric....a simple appliqued vase with a spray of  embroidered flowers using motifs from the print.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Future

From my new line with Andover Fabrics....Dargate Treasury

This is the red version of the idea print! Two very different complex stripes with 4 full repeats across the goods and plenty of room to cut between the two patterns. In my head I am already designing festive table runners and quilts using this print. Hopefully I will have sample yardage by late winter. The fabrics ship in May 2015.

The example above is a strike off. It always startles me when I receive strikes how the pattern...done on a flatten screen for the strike offs....will match up when made into a rotary. In my mind..I expect it to be just straight across...but that is not the case. Rather the match irregular. You can see white patches on the lower corner of this is where the scalloped curve of the 3 leaf clover will be next to the white flower cluster.
Happy all my readers. Think Dargate Treasury in Red for next year's Christmas fabric!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Greige Goods

Today's greige goods used in the quilting cotton marketplace are generally '60 square'. This means in a square inch...there are 60 horizontal threads and 60 vertical threads. A 200 count cotton sheet has 200 threads per square inch.

Before the First Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain, most of the ground cloth for printing (of goods for export to the colonies) was from India. In the mid 18th century, the Lancashire region was sending additional bolts of greige goods to London for printing each week. Even then English merchants trying to fill orders for their North American customers still complained of a shortage of printed goods.

My c. 1830 Dargate Book samples are printed on an assortment of ground cloths. Some are very tightly woven...others like the sample below are almost a sheer....with a stripe produced with a slightly different size of thread in the warp...and even an occasional pink dyed  threads for the weft.

I did reproduce this in a previous Dargate collection. The basic ground cloth was printed to look like the textured plaid of the document piece.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for Apples

We are in apple country here in Southern Minnesota! I visited a local orchard (Fireside Orchards) this fall and had a tasting tour of their cold room. MT I was really excited when I found Honey Crisp apples. The usual offerings in the chain grocery store were Red and Yellow Delicious and Granny Smiths.

I tasted everything in the cold room! Now I pack a local Honey Crisp with my lunch for work and this morning I made an apple pie with local Haralsons. Yum!

We are also thankful for now being closer to family, our friends (those in MT and new ones here in Northfield) and our customers!

We are offering free domestic shipping (shipping costs rebated) at ReproductionFabrics through Cyber Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving

Ron and Margo

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Movies

Part of my customer base at is costumers...TV, movies, television, opera and theater companies plus Living History Museums and re enactors from around the world.

My introduction to movie costume shops...came during the filming of
A River Runs Through It on the Boulder River in Montana. I had a brick and mortar quilt shop in near by Bozeman, MT at the time.  When the production crew sets up to film...they often bring along the 'sewing shop'....costume and set designers as well as seamstresses.  Depending on the work load...they may hire local sewers.

One day...a costume designer mentioned needing a 40's style cotton print for an apron for Mrs. Mclean. One of the local sewers mentioned my store and assured them there would be a good selection. The sale was modest (1 apron!) but it opened the door to the possibilities of the movie industry.

I have sold fabric to numerous movies since then...including Return to Lonesome Dove, Cold Mountain, Appaloosa and Cowboys and Aliens and am currently working with the costume designers for a new Quentin Tarantino movie...The Hateful 8.