Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quilts on the Lawn + upcoming lecture in MN

Quilts on the Lawn is Bozeman's annual community quilt show held the fourth Saturday in August every year at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture in Bozeman, MT.
August 21, 2010--save the date!

We hung over 430 quilts this year for this one day event with antiques inside in the ballroom.

This lovely large block red/green applique was one of those hung inside. When the owner brought to my store for an 'interview', I took a moment for an overview--nice blocks, classic colors.

The workmanship and the condition were very good.

I loved the sharp chrome orange at the center of each applique block.

I then turned my attention to the border. The grapevine fabric seemed a little coarser than the other fabrics and a bit taupey in color. I was wondering if it had been home-dyed and the color had changed. I was examining the edges of the vine hoping for a missing stitch or two and a place where I could see underneath the vine. I was thinking that area of the fabric would be a slightly different color. When suddenly the grapes caught my eye. They were the underside of an indigo pin dot print--very cool.

The next cluster turned out to be the underside of an indigo circle print. Nice touch.

Then I saw the cluster near the corner and started to levitate! These grapes were not only the underside of an Indigo pin dot and circle print but also an Illuminated Indigo pin dot! WOW--what artistry.

I will be lecturing in MN on Nov 5th and Nov 7th. The Saturday lecture topic is INDIGOS. I will end the lecture with this story and these pictures. I hope to see you there.



  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely classic 4 block applique quilt - very exciting!!
    I don't imagine you will recall me but I won the professional division of your Dargate Indigo challenge a couple of years ago and thought I'd died and gone to heaven when awarded the prize of $200 worth of merchandise.
    Thanks too for starting your blog - I will be watching for your next post.
    Janet in chilly Hall's Harbour Nova Scotia - at least it is rain and not snow this morning!

  2. What a great blog idea. I look forward to learning much, thank you for taking the time to share, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

  3. I'm not sure I've ever heard the term "illuminated" indigo. Can you briefly explain?