Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Furs on a Stick in Minneapolis

This picture was taken by Nettie Monroe at my "Furs on a Stick" lecture at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. I am holding a beaver pelt that I use for a visual aid in my lecture on Fur Trade Era textiles.

For the lecture, I had handed out fabric sample packets. They included the wonderful yellow print below that I thought was very appropriate for voyageur's shirts. To my delight, when I returned to my store, there was an online order from the costume shop at the Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Canada that came in while I was lecturing -- they had ordered the same yellow print!

It will be sewn into a shirt this winter to be worn by a site interpreter next summer.



  1. Hello Margo,
    Now that I've seen a picture of your yellow fabric, I know you're beaming with delight that someone else KNOWS that is the correct fabric for a voyageur shirt without you having to CONVINCE them of it! Thanks for finding and sending the indigo panels. Your store website is fantastic by the way, and now I'm excited to have a new blog to read!
    mimi hildebrandt

  2. what is that beautiful yellow fabric? and do you sell it in your shop?

  3. The yellow fabric is AA911y-- I have already sold several bolts and have only a few yards remaining (as of 11/12) It is out of print and not reorderable. mjk

  4. Have you thought about recording your lectures for those of us with little hope of attending one, and offering it in your store as a downloadable podcast?

  5. Hi Margo!
    Nice to see that you have a blog. I'll be sure to check in. We missed you in San Jose, but looking forward to your study centers in MN.


  6. Hi Margo: I am addicted to this blog and your newsletters - hardly one goes by I don't order from. I really must try to control the addiction, but did it again this morning. The yellow large scale print is just enchanting. Now I will have to revise today's order if you have a little left.
    Janet in chilly Nova Scotia

  7. Glad I joined your blog. I visited your store two years ago. Wish I were closer, but mail order will have to do.