Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Dargate Book

I had a lovely time in Arizonia--it was warm and sunny, unlike Montana!

Last Sunday I was at Zoe's Trunk in Chandler, AZ doing my Peek at the Past lecture. I brought the Dargate book with me and everyone got to see all the samples on all the pages. I am including some scans of those pages for those of you who were not there.

The shuttle driver was telling me about the 4 C's that have historically been the economic drivers of the Phoenix area--Citrus, Cotton, Cattle and ? I have forgotten the 4th. Does anyone know? All of these are now trumped by the most important C of all--Climate.


  1. Oh My!! Wouldn't I love to be turned loose with the Dargate book for a quiet hour or two!
    Thanks for the peek.

  2. Is it coal? I was at Zoe's...terific presentation, I learned alot!

  3. COPPER!! I loved your presentation Margo. Even drove from Tucson, and I'm so glad I did. You all must find a way to go hear Margo...

  4. Thanks for sharing the images. (You have a typeo in the first line)

  5. I LOVE the last fabric in your Dargate post...the dark background with the fern-like foliage. Is there a reproduction fabric that is similar?

    Andrea, Minnesota

  6. A print from my Prussian Blue line, DG611W, is similar in scale and coloration.

  7. It was copper. Now it's climate for our wonderful winters. Thanks so much for coming to Zoe's. We've had great feedback about your presentation and look forward to seeing you again when you want to warm up.