Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mousseline de laine

was a very fine French woolen dress goods fabric. In 1836, Jose Hofer of Mulhouse began weaving a fabric with a strong cotton warp and fine wool for the weft with a weight and hand similar to the 100% wool fabric. It was possible to print vibrant designs on this combination fabric using the steam style of printing. Delaines, as the fabrics were called in England and America, were especially popular for both clothing and decorating and are frequently found in woolen Log Cabin/Pineapple quilts of the late 19th century.

These are two images from one of my 19th century sample books. Both are wonderful Prussian blues prints. The title of the book is 'Delaines 1849'.  I have reproduced these delaines on cotton with authenic scale and coloration.


  1. Hi Margo: are these reproductions in cotton currently available on your website?
    And did the British fabric - Viyella - use the same technique for weaving their wool/cotton blend. Viyella was a wonderful fabric and wore extremely well, but I haven't seen it available for more than 30 years :-(

  2. Yes the Delaines are available. You can click on 'colorations' it is a direct line to the fabrics. Viyella--yes it was a great fabric but I don't know if it was a blend or a very fine washable wool? margo