Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prussian blues

Inorganic mineral colorants were introduced in the 1790s—iron buff, antimony orange, Prussian blue and manganese brown. It took a number of years for these new colors to be used in textile dyes. One of the most popular was the Prussian blue, often in combinations with 'dunn'--a drab tan.

Two examples of the mineraly Prussian blue. Especially popular in American quilts, 1830-1860.


  1. Thanks again Margo for your useful little snippets of information. I find living so far away from major centres of population, if it were not for the internet I would be bereft of visual stimulation and research tools! You are one of my favourite go-to people!

  2. Amen, Janet! I live on an island in the furthest point NW in Continental US and the Internet is my life line! Thank you, Margo!