Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dating the Dargate Book

There is neither provenance nor dates available for the Dargate book. It was given a circa 1830 (+ or - 5 years) designation by two textile historians.  One suggested it most likely was from Alsace, a major textile printing area in France. I just came across an interesting date in the book, The Fabrics of Mulhouse and Alsace, 1801-1850. In Mulhouse, the firm of Nicolas Koechlin & Freres developed  woven muslin with satin bands for printing in 1829. This was followed the next year with the printing of flower motifs on 'organdie with woven squares'.

This is a scan of a sample from the Dargate Book of an organdy (sheer crisp cotton used for dresses and curtains) with woven stripes plus a delicate horizontal band in pink which was printed with floral sprigs.

Depending on your browser, you should be able to zoom in on this picture to get a closer look at the woven stripes.

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  1. Hi Margo: Something similar to this was available in North America about 35-38 years ago - I remember mnaking my preschool daughter a dress in a light and heavyier weave printed with sprigs of yellow flowers on an ecru background. I also had some plisse in white with small scale toile design - I had it in pink and also in blue, and again made dresses of it.