Sunday, April 18, 2010

Textiles of the Fur Trade Era

My favorite lecture/research topic is Textiles of the Fur Trade Era. What did the calicos and chintzes listed in those Fur Trade Era merchant ledgers really look like: pattern, scale, coloration? There are a few surviving examples in museums, in linings of moccasins and bags and wrapped up in medicine bundles. Many of these are bright and bold. Here are several in red and yellow on my website that I chose for their Trade Era look.

Earlier this month Ron and I attended the 35th Annual MSU American Indian Council Pow Wow here in Bozeman. The colors of the costumes were wonderfully eye popping!

These jingle dresses make a distinctive sound. The silver cones were made from tobacco can lids. One young lady who was very proud of her dress and her hertiage told me originally they were buffalo dewclaws.

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