Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Pink Stars

This quilt was made by my friend Bette Faries. It contains a plethora of  19th century double pinks as well as a sprinkling of tan/taupes and a few indigos. It was made in the 1970s with vintage prints and contemporary muslin.  I recently received the croquis for my new reproduction fabric line, Little Pink Stars.
This is my favorite piece in the collection--a little mill engraving. These designs have finely engraved details. Early 19th century printers manipulated 2 different metals to produce these fabrics. Motifs etched into 'soft' copper rollers quickly worn down and lost the shading produced from finely etched lines and dots. To preserve these details, designers engraved a soft-steel roller and then used it to transfer the pattern to another steel roller of the same size --producing a pattern in relief. This second steel roller was then 'hardened' and used to transfer the pattern to the copper roller. When those printing rollers wore thin, they could easily be reengraved from the steel mill and continue to print designs with very fine detail.


  1. Just love that fabric too. There is so much clean fresh pattern and only 2 colours.
    Will be watching for the range :-)

  2. Keeping an eye out for Little Pink Stars! Can't wait.