Saturday, May 29, 2010

Violets in the lawn

are one of my spring time favorites! Alas, there isn't much 'spring' in Montana--it is snowing at the moment!

The Schoolhouse I did at Quilt Market was fun. My friends, Lois and Peg, helped with a Vanna White presentation of Bette's wonderful quilt while I talked about Double Pinks! The line, Little Pink Stars, was well received and we are eagerly looking forward to their late Aug/early September arrival!

While double pinks require two different strengths of an alum mordant, Tonne de noir is achieved with a different mordant. Iron acetate is made by dissolving rusty iron pieces in vinegar, acetic acid. This iron mordant can be thickened with gum and printed onto the fabric. Mordants are often colorless and a 'sighting' (fireplace ash) is added to help the block printer align the next impression or the application of a second strength of the iron mordant.

The fabric is then processed in a madder dye bath producing a printed fabric in a weak black, a purple or a lilac.

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