Saturday, June 12, 2010

Polychrome Indigos

These prints were some of the most expensive goods of their times.

The process began with a 2-step resist, which produced both white and a light blue print on a deep blue background--aka 'two blues'. Once all of the original resists were removed, new areas were covered with another resist paste. The fabric was then dyed yellow, giving three additional colors: yellow, green and black. Finally pink and red could be overprinted. The result was a polychrome print which could feature white and lgiht blue on a dark background with touches of yellow, green, black, red, pink and brown. Wow--this was 1830s printing technology!

Here are 2 images from the Stifel archives in Wheeling, WV. The first is an early label--note the state! The second is a polychrome indigo.

We have real hope for some nice weather starting a midnight Saturday. The plan is to leave early am Sunday with our kayaks for two days of paddling!

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