Sunday, September 19, 2010


Several years ago I took a Deb Roberts Textile Tour to the Museum of Printed Textiles of Mulhouse in France. Many on the tour had submitted queries to the curator several weeks before we arrived.

The first sample book I purchased had no information about its origins--not from the auction house nor on the cover or any interior pages. I have been curious about its origins.

The Dargate Book c. 1830

This is one of my favorite pages in the book! Love those pinks--and with yellow.

There are however, several samples with parts of words or names.

I submitted this image. I was hoping it might identify a local printer. I learned that  this was not the factory mark, chef de piece--at the beginning and end of each 'piece', but the stamp of the printer who did the 'green' on this particular print. These stamps were used to identify his work for payment or maybe to complain about the quality of the 'green' portions!


  1. how I would love to sit down and look thru that book. I love the pink and yellows too, just so happy colors together.
    I love that green and pink on the left side. Hopefully someday that one will get reproduced????
    Please share a few more pages of the book with us,

  2. Hi Margo: What I wouldn't give to see each page of the Dargate book reproduced - any chance of that happening? on your website, or perhaps on the blog?
    Janet in sunny but cold Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia