Sunday, September 26, 2010

Musee de I'Impression sur Ettofes

This picture was taken during a tour at the Museum of Printed Textiles Mulhouse, France. Each cubbyhole contained the blocks need for one design. Some have as many as 8 different blocks, others only 5.

18th century wood blocks for textile printing could be as large as 13". These were known as '3 over' or 3 impressions across fabric that was 38/40" wide. Another common size for blocks was 9 1/2", '4 over' and 7 3/8th", '5 over'.

You could see 'pitch pins' in a corner. These metal pins were pounded in at the same height as the wood relief motif and were a placement guide for the printer.

I had a very fun customer on Saturday. She and her husband were visiting Montana from Guadeloupe. I have sent her fabric in the past. What I did not realize was the package traveled over to France and then back to this hemisphere to the French West Indies and Yolande. We had a lovely visit--mostly in English. I learned about the French West Indies and Marseille (husband's home town). I told them about local places of interest--they were driving from Yellowstone to Glacier National Park. Yolande did manage to pick up a little fabric also!

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  1. One of my best souvenirs: the visit of this museum, in Mulhouse!