Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day Book

Of the 9 vintage fabric sample books, one is Turn of the 20th Century 'Day Book'. Examples of each day's mill production are pasted in the book with a style # and date written in pencil on the top of the page. Alas, there is no indicator of the mill's name or location.

Here is style #2149 from August 29,1899! There are 2 different prints in 4 color ways.


  1. I would have liked a dress in one of those fabrics had I lived then.
    Actually, I would wear those fabrics today - perhaps a blouse or something - they are so sweet.

  2. Any chance of either of the prints in all four colorways making a fabric line, soon?
    Love the quiteness of the prints, even though there is movement in the design.