Sunday, December 19, 2010


Also known as rainbow or fondu prints, these shaded grounds were originally done in the 1820s with wood blocks. The use of roller technology combined with steam printing led to evermore fanciful designs in the 1840s. Simple stripes were eclipsed by subtle to strong ombres under florals, geometrics, paisleys and plaids, medium to large.

I think many of us easily these delightful fabrics in Baltimore Album style quilts. Simple shaded fabrics provide dimension to vases and urns as well as baskets and buildings.

I love looking at how creative fabrics designers were with this element in several of my early/mid 19th century sample books. 

Their use as dressgoods was very popular in America from 1840-1860.  I do, however, find actual pictures of these dresses a bit startling!

See '1840s Day Dress from Bower' about 3/4 down the page.

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  1. Love the prussian blue and prussian greens. Thanks for the link to the dresses, some of them are quite wild.