Sunday, December 12, 2010


Double pinks were a perennial favorite throughout the 19th century. Cloth printed with two strengths of an alum mordant, weak for pink and stronger for red, was processed in a madder dye bath, producing a print with two shades of pink.

My current line, Little Pink Stars, is based on an assortment of double pinks in the Little Pink Stars quilt. These fabrics were collected by my friend Bette Faries in the early 1970s. The earliest prints are c 1840; others from mid to late century. Bette hand pieced all the stars. When she started to put the quilt together in the late 1970s, it was too pink even for Bette. She went back to her pile of vintage fabrics and added in some beige/taupes, browns and a sprinkle of indigo stars. I did the same as I was developing the line.

This line is selling well and I am now picking possibilities for a second line. This sweet double pink shirting or light is on the short list.

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