Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moire and the definition of Calender

My first published crossword puzzle is in the April issue of The Quilt Life.  Writing the puzzles is great fun and I am delighted to be a published ! crossword puzzle author. The magazine has asked me to write another puzzle. More fun.

With each puzzle I try to include 1 or 2 'new' words. 'Calender' is in a clue for the second puzzle. To calender a fabric is to run it through a finishing machine using two or more heavy, heated rollers. If one of the rollers has a wavy raised pattern, the fabric can have an overall watered or moire design. This watered or clouded look can also be achieved on silk or wool fabrics by smooth roller calendering with uneven pressure on damp cloth. Cottons are some times printed to look like a watered or clouded silk...a moire.

A calender machine....

Some Dargate fabrics that have a moired ground.

ps I now see another great puzzle word...clouded! I do often see that word in merchant ledgers listing imported fabrics.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sun, Sand and Seaweed

I am back in wintry Montana after 10 beautiful days on the Mayan Riveria!

One morning while strolling the beach I noticed a variety of different seaweeds in the surf. Some had long fingers while others had tiny frills. I started a little collection for design ideas. Seaweeds and corals are common motifs in textile design early 1800s and then again at the end of the century. Here are several examples from the Dargate book that have elements that look like my seaweeds!