Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wiener Werkstatte

Vienna Workshop

Two Austrian designers founded the Vienna Workshop in 1903. The designs, in the Arts and Crafts style, were used for furniture, wallpaper, china and beautiful fabrics. The workshop closed in 1932.

The majority of the fabrics were silks and linens with a few cottons. But those cottons, with flat unshaded florals, dots and geometric shapes influenced American cotton prints of the 1930s.


These prints and others in this style are available on my website. I was so excited when the sales person showed me these fabrics. I just couldn't stop talking about Wiener Werkstatte.

This link will show you some wonderful visuals of a variety of work from the Vienna Workshop.

They also put out about 1,000 postcards with wonderful designs.

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  1. Thanks for the great links, Margo. And thanks too for the previous post on the display of 650 red and white quilts - I'm so envious of anyone who will get to see that show!!!