Sunday, April 17, 2011


There were several waves of chinoiserie (Chinese) styling in textiles and interior decorating in Great Britain.

During the 17th century, the East India Company sent  to their offices in India musters containing 'suggestions' on both colorations and styling for the very popular cotton fabrics they were importing.  The highly skilled Indian craftsman saw these requests and quickly adopted a very imaginative approach to the floral elements in their hand painted textiles.  A Tree of Life often contained a very English looking rose, etc.

At the same time, English taste was being influence by the design work on other imported goods, wallpapers, embroidered wall hangings and china wares, from Canton .  Darly's New Book of Chinese Designs printed in 1754 and Pillement's Livre de Chinois from 1758 offered textile designers inspiration in the 18th century.

This image is from the Chinoiserie panel c. 1830 I recently printed.  See full panel below.

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