Sunday, May 22, 2011

A definition

This is a sample from my Dargate book.

The first step in the reproduction process...a tracing.

The second step, once this tracing is approved, is a 'painting' called a 'croquis'. I had heard this word for many years in the Quilt Marketplace but had never seen it written.

The croquis ...with color chips long the side.

I was on a French textile tour a few years ago. Our guide was amazing and very multi-lingual. We were gathering getting ready to leave Versailles when he noticed a small Chinese group deep in discussion about something? He stepped over to them and in flawless Mandarin answered their question.

Why not ask him about this word? 'Oh means cartoon or quick sketch'. (I think of a sketch/croquis  costume designers do when they are trying to communicate their vision for say a particular garment for Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain...I sold the designer yards and yards of fabric for that movie).

And he knew how to spell it!! I was very impressed.

I will be traveling to a wedding in Virginia Memorial Day weekend and probably not posting on Sunday. I am going two days early for appointments with the collections at day with quilts, another with sample books.

When we return on June 1, I am planning to post a little 'project' for all of you...having to do with definitions.

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