Sunday, May 8, 2011

More LIttle Pink Stars

I will be introducing my second line of Little Pink Stars at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this next week, May 13-5,2001. The fabrics are being printed by Newcastle Fabrics and will be available in July. The designs are once again taken from a quilt made in the late 1970s by my friend Bette Faries. She was working with a stash of recycled double pinks, indigos and taupe/browns from 1840-1890s.

Recently I heard someone say 'Double pinks are seen in quilts from 1860-1890'. I am not sure I completely agree with that range of dates....I do think they were especially popular during that time span.

Also a few weeks ago, I heard a costume historian, attired in Civil War era garb, speak about proper dress for that time period. When she got to the subject of petticoats she showed off her red flannel version.  "Red flannel petticoats were considered 'healthful' along with those made from double pinks!"  I have often thought there were alot of double pinks available mid 19th century....were they all used for little girl dresses? Yardage for petticoats plus dresses for little girls may explain the numerous entries for double pinks in merchant ledgers.

I see early versions of double pinks in the Dargate book, c. 1830 as well as classics still be shown in a 1948 sample book I own.  Generally I give a broader range of dates for double pinks...early 19th century through the 1940s. There were style changes during that period...but the cherry pinks were always appealing.

Dargate book c. 1830
double pinks vintage fabrics

1948 Sample Book

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