Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Redcoats are coming, The Redcoats are coming!

Does this famous slogan bring to mind images of Paul Revere on horseback and the American Revolutionary War? There were many famous patriots from that time.

One of these was John Hewson of Philadelphia.  He came to America with his family shortly before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. Hewson brought calico printing equipment (probably carved blocks), previous experience in textile printing in England and most importantly knowledge..of the different types of mordants, the proper mixing of thickeners for the dye pastes plus an eye for the popular European styles.

He was involved in the war effort and even at one point captured by the British. After the war, Hewson and his printworks were an important part of the business community in Philadelphia.

He is best known for a particular center panel he printed...a graceful urn with flowers. Andover Fabrics is reprinting designs from one of his coverlets later this year ( Nov/Dec 2011 delivery). See the Hewson coverlet at the bottom right of this Winterthur page .

I saw the art work for the fabrics this weekend at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. There will be the exquisite urn, the two borders and assorted birds and flowers in authentic color and scale. I ordered heavily!!


  1. I can't wait for the printed chintz panel, nor the new double pinks for the little pink stars collection - both favourites of mine!!! Thanks for this great blog!

  2. That little pink stars collection is so awesome!

  3. I am realy excited to hear about the Hewson panel, thank you for the news. I'll keep my ear to the ground and eyes peeled.
    Thanks for your great blog too :-)