Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Color and Motif

Terms and definitions in the textile industry....I have been collecting them for years and have several thousand in a database. It is a great resource for checking a date or finding just the right word for an article. About a year ago I started using all those terms and definitions to write textile history crossword puzzles.What fun!

So.... my first blog puzzle is listed on the puzzle link at the bottom of this page. Eight of the words I have taken from my blogs. Many of the others are from basic information sheets I hand out at presentations and put into mail orders.

Now the challenge. The answers to the puzzle will be posted on the blog June 19. I am offering a $20 gift certificate at my business,, to the first 5 people to email or fax (406-586-8847) me a correctly completed puzzle BEFORE I post the answers. Ladies and gentlemen...sharpen your pencils!!

1 comment:

  1. The 'reward' for a correctly completed puzzle emailed or faxed to me before I post the solution (June 19) has been increased to $50! Margo