Sunday, July 17, 2011

American early 20th century textiles

In American the Art Nouveau movement may have influenced Marie Webster's elegant appliqué quilts of the early 20th century—Gay Garden, Wind Blown Tulip and Primrose Wreath. These were often made from solid colored mid tone pastels. If you look at the 1924 Sears and Roebuck catalog, the cottons are mainly the monochromatic cool colorations in dark shades of the late 19th century with a few pastels, solids and prints.

Post World War I, Germany had to give up their textile aniline dye formulas as part of War Reparations. Soon American textile chemists had more options. By the 1926 Sears catalog there was a dramatic shift in the style and color of the cotton prints. You now see not only solid rose but also numerous pink prints. The same was true for a clear sky blue in solids and prints. There were still a few indigo and Shaker gray prints offered. The ‘lights’ also changed from shirting prints to solids in white and off white.

The popular pastels prints featured stylized leaf and flower patterns along with children’s novelty designs in rose, sky blue, soft yellow and green, peach, aqua and lavender

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