Sunday, July 3, 2011


I recently printed a 'Floral Bouquet with Scrollwork' Chintz Center Panel in the authentic size....a 30" square. I was using a quilt belonging to Lorie Stubbs of Colorado. On that quilt....the seamstress cut the 4 corners from the original panel and appliqued them further out. The finished center panel was a generous 30" square.

The color corrections on this particular panel were challenging....but we finally got it right. The printing is clear and crisp and the colors match the antique quilt. As we progressed with the each step we would print a strike off. I did this as two 20" squares across the width of the fabric. This was less costly then doing a 30" square strike off.

I sent Lorie the first perfect 30" square and as a bonus....I also sent her the last 20" square strike off. She loved them both. She and I talked about the possibility that these Center Panels could have been offered in different sizes, 1820-1840. So I am now offering this elegant Scrollwork Floral Bouquet in an additional size....a 20" square.

For my French speaking/reading friends....please see the current issue ( # 109) of Les Nouvelles, Patchwork et Creation Textile, page 20....Les tissus de reproduction. Merci to Christiane Billard.

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