Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Blue dyer' logos

Before Dagama Mills purchased the 3 Indigo lines from British companies in the early 1990s, they had their own line...6 Star or Toto.  This is a line I still order regularly.
When I import these fabrics from South Africa, they come in 40 meter lengths. Each bundle has a hang tag with the pattern and lot #s and a colorful sticker.

Several years ago Dagama added a new line of Indigos...Fancies. Indigo blue prints with illuminations of yellow or orange.

Dagama is in the process of changing their product mix from the original shweshwe indigo dyed fabrics. Many prints are very modern and the color options have exploded.....screaming red-violet and sunset orange. There are still some traditional patterns in indigo.

In September I will have some old patterns from a new line....Coral Tree. Great logo!

Road trip.....we are headed out on this uupcoming holiday weekend to visit another Rendezvous....Fort Bridger.

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