Sunday, November 27, 2011


In 1997, the year I turned 50, I had the opportunity to purchase my first antique fabric sample book, the Dargate book.

This is a sample from an early Dargate line (2003). At that time, it was necessary for me to remove the sample from the book. This was sent to the fabric stylist for artwork, then on to Korea for printing. I cut off a corner and kept it for the color corrections of the strike off. 

This is the croquis prepared by the fabric stylist from the above sample. I am currently working on a new Dargate fabric line and have always been thankful for the opportunities of the Dargate book.

While in graduate school in my mid 50s, I thought I would like to have the chance to teach....but decided I was probably too old to start a new career. I have recently been given that an adjunct professor at Montana State University. In January, I will be 65 and have the opportunity to teach Fashion and Textiles to a room full of 19 year olds! I am thankful for the chance.


  1. Thank YOU, Margo, for sharing your passion with us and providing us with such beauties. The one above - along with its lovely blue sister - is one I cherish. Here's hoping teaching will give you a lot of pleasure! Can't wait to see the next line. Warm regards, Una

  2. One of my favorite professors during my college adventure (many moons ago) was my textiles teacher. Her name was Joan Laughlin from UNL. She made textiles come to life for me. Your gift of experience will teach things that a younger teacher has not encountered & you know the importance of what you are teaching. Good Luck!! It makes this old teacher reconsider whether I should be doing the same thing!! Warren Buffet & Tom Osborne have also taught classes at UNL lately. You will be in a fabulous company!! Thanks for all the research you have done & shared with us.

  3. Hi Margo, I can't wait to see more Dargates...I love them and use them often. Your reproductions of them fill me with inspiration for *more* quilts so thank you for making them available. Congratulations on your position and it's super to hear of your plans for the new year.
    cheers, Margaret