Sunday, December 18, 2011

Silhouettes in fabric design

Last week I talked about 100 years of changing silhouettes in fashion. Today...100 years in textile design. The silhouette of a 'fern' to the left from the c. 1830 Dargate book (French) is a discharged chrome orange.

This silhouette of a flower and once again a 'ferny' branch is from my Turn of the 20th Century day book (American). The delicate lavender and sage coloration is from pigment. The actual date it was printed is Sept 13, 1900.

These samples are from an American company...Spring 1939.
The simple red,white and blue colors are classic for the War Years  for America (1941-45).

Notice the change in delicacy and coloration of the silhouettes over 100 years

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