Sunday, April 1, 2012

History of Hoodies

I am teaching 'Apparel and Textiles' here at Montana State University this spring. The first day back from break I talked about apparel in current events.....the Trayvon Martin case and hoodies.  
Hoodies were first made by Champion Apparel in the 1930s for men working in unheated warehouses( produce, fish, etc)  in New York City. They were picked up as 'street wear' by the hip hop artists of the 1970s.  Both Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren starting offering hoodies in their sportswear lines in the 1990s. Now they are ubiquitous....from Target and Macy's to men and women's high end clothing catalogs.

In class we have been discussing the three theories of Fashion Adoption....downward, upward and horizontal. A good test question for the final exam...which theories apply?

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  1. Enjoying your posts - keep up the good work, - Rick (from Manchester, UK - the heart of what was/is Cottonopolis).