Saturday, April 7, 2012

Strike off's

This week I received the strike off's of my new line, Divers 1863. This is the final stage before the 'button is pushed' and we have yardage! The screens, mesh of synthetic fibers or metal, are cut for rotary screen printing. ( 25 to 1,000 meters are printed per minute)
The example the 'header' on the Cottonopia page..and my favorite in the book, Divers 1863.

For the strike off...the screen is still flat...and placed over a yard of greige goods. ( possbile test question...The base cloth used for printing today's quilt fabric is called ______  _________. The final is coming soon, April 30!)

Each pattern is tested in the various colorways. At this point, I can not change a design element but I can request changes in coloration.

If you look carefully at the right hand edge of this can see a 'scalloped' edge from the screen. I hardly noticed it...too busy assessing the color.

I am always startled to see the particular edge. I forget the screens are not joined with a hard line...but more of a 'feathered' edge.

Goods will be available mid/late May. These patterns are 'to scale'. Document colors featured for this issue of Cottonopia. This is typical of fabrics being printed in France ( Mulhouse area) during the American Civil War.

I am trying to make my Apparel and Textiles class relevant for my students. Last week I began my lecture with a reference to a current controversy at Starbucks. I was delighted when my students knew about the 'pink color'.


  1. I'm really looking forward to this range after viewing it on the Newcastle site, particularly 604-20. Was worried that somehow I'd missed it.

  2. It will be exciting to see your new line!