Saturday, May 26, 2012

Necessary Neutrals

 Last weekend was Quilt Market in Kansas City....and the first question is always...what is trending? The quilt marketplace has been dominated by brights for a long time now...and so naturally as 'all fashion ends in excess' the shift is to neutrals even in reproductions.


I found the usual 'color chips' of Turkey red, Chrome yellow, orange and green, chintzes, calicos and yarn dyes plus interesting neutrals.




Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shirting dots

A dot....a most basic shape and a perennial favorite of textile designers. This sample has two colors, red and brown, in very orderly rows and is one of the patterns in my new line, Margo's Favorite Shirtings by Newcastle Fabrics, to be premiered at Quilt Market in Kansas City next week. Along with this document coloration there are two other combinations, black and taupe on off white, and black and medium blue on cream.

Variations on the theme.....

Pin dots....a important basic of quilting cottons during the mid/late 1970s....the second Quilt Revival of the 20th century.

A change in spacing...same simple dot.

Fabric printers of the early 19th century often called these...Polka Dots....trying to capitalize on the newest dance craze...the Polka, a Bohemian folk dance wildly popular in Great Britain and the United States by 1845.

Pairs of dots. This is also from my new line, Margo's Favorite Shirtings (19th century styles).


A variety of dots.

An added element...a Spring Bouquet. This design is also from my new line of shirtings, to scale and the document color.

When the printing machine starts, you need to do 3,000 yards to be cost efficient. Most printers do not want all that yardage in the same I choose one or two other colorations I think are typical for the time period. This design also comes in two shades of blue and two of lilac.

Happy Mother's Day !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black Octagon

Motif from Black Octagon Chintz Center Panel

Last April I premiered 3 Chintz Center Panels. They have been well received and I was able to add 4 more designs during the following months.

I started with a local printer who does digital ink printing on paper (for local artists from the Paradise Valley) and fabric.
Early this year I decided to do a new panel with a black background. I quickly learned it was not possible with the current process. So....I started down a long long road determined to print this exquisite panel!

I have just approved the strike off on the Black Octagon Chintz Center Panel done with dyes on sheeting. It is color fast and should be available in late May.

The quilt was probably made in the UK, c. 1820-1840. The Chintz Center Panel is appliqued on a hexagon quilt, 98" X 93".

Black Octagon Panel, International Quilt Study Center
copyrighted image used with permission