Sunday, June 24, 2012

AYG...Apparel Yard Goods

Pleasantly Plaid 1861-1865
 Shortly before Quilt Market in May, I had the very good fortune to take a Historic Clothing Workshop from Elizabeth Stewart Clark. The discussion of styles, sewing techniques and fabrics covered all of the 19th century. Elizabeth shared this picture for Cottonopia.

After two very full days...I developed a more sophisticated eye for the intricacies of 19th century garment construction and a slightly altered approach to choosing fabrics for ReproductionFabrics.

I always say if you are interested in Civil War Era quilts....Plaids, Plaids and more Plaids. All sizes (scale) are appropriate for both garments and quilting.

When new fabrics arrive (orders from Kansas City Quilt Market are arriving weekly now) we will assign a new designation for those especially appropriate for either garments....AYG (Apparel Yard Goods) or Home Dec..FYG (Furnishing Yard Goods). These fabrics while used for garments/bed skirts also were seen in quilts.

As I developed more Center Medallion Quilts for my 'hands on' workshop...I will be using Chintz Center Panels and squares of Furnishing Fabrics interchangeably.

This piece...Flora dated 1830-1860 but it looks very much like a fabric used in a mid 17th century Caraco jacket in one of my French fashion books. So we have a current reproduction of a mid 19th century reproduction of a 17th century block printed indiennes.  Good job!
Flora Bunda

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Design Board

The new Black Octagon Chintz Center Panel arrived at the store while I was at Quilt Market. I am delighted with the quality of the printing (dye on sheeting) and the colors...and am now busy on my design board.

There were two last minute color corrections.  Thanks to Billy the magician at the printing machine...we have more 'rose' to the two center flowers and a hint of lilac to the 'bells' and 'mums'. Perfect!