Sunday, August 12, 2012

Print run

Margo's first print run
It 'takes a village' to do a successful print run. The designer has an idea...but needs the help of a fabric stylist. This talented person...has a functioning left and right brain!! Their job is to interrupt your ideas...into something that will work with today's technology.
Once you 'ok' the croquis....the screen is cut. This is the most expensive part of the process.

This is my first print run in 1997. The egg yolk yellow with red is the document colors...the others are all c. 1830 possibles. Once the screen is set up and the machine is turned need to run 3.000 yards to be cost efficient. Few printers want to have all their 'eggs in one basket' a 3 color run is common.

This print run...was accomplished with the help of Makower and my local banker!


  1. Winston Churchill: "Never give up."

    Hello. I am redecorating a 1865 era family home. I am shopping for curtain/drapery fabric for bay windows, etc. What are your parameters for printing your cotton fabric? What kind of cotton fabrics do you use? Is there a "thread per inch?" I have been disappointed with the color intensity and fabric quality of samples I have ordered from a North Carolina company representing design artisans. What are the hallmarks of an affordable, reproduction print on cotton?

  2. Lynda...Yes there are different 'weights' of greige goods. Generally the industry has 5 categories...sheer (a lawn), blouse weight, bottom weight, light upholstery and upholstery weight. The fabrics I design are blouse weight..which is 60 square and approximately 4 oz/yd.