Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 Day Stars

As some of you know, I injured my right (dominant) hand in a kayak accident in July last year. When blisters appeared about 8 days later, I was attending a family reunion in WV. At the local Urgent Care, I was diagnosed with Poison Ivy. By the time I returned to MT, my hand was swollen like a mallet......on top of the injury I had Shingles! I was unable to drive, work (no rotary cutting) or prepare food until late November!

In early December the Occupational Therapist gave me a ‘squishy ball’ for exercise and told me I had 3 more months to make any improvement in the strength and dexterity of my damaged hand.

While visiting my daughter and family over Christmas I was presented with assorted patches for my grandsons’ Cub Scout shirts. It was a struggle! When I returned home I decided to start a hand piecing project...thinking it might help my hand. It is working...and when I go back in March to the therapist for a check up, I am planning to take along my blocks and offer to help any of their ‘hand’ teaching them how to hand piece!
I am using a pattern from Somerset Designs called Star a Day. It is however taking me about 3 days per Star! The background fabric is a wonderful complex Ramoneur.

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  1. What a terrible experience! I hope the hand piecing really helps. Thanks for posting again on Cottonopia.