Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wood Block prints

Winter's Work....Broken Dishes using Wood Block prints combined with Essex in Linen (the color). I prewashed both the Wood Blocks which are printed with vegetable dyes and the Essex which is a cotton/linen blend and does shrink a touch resulting in a great texture!

I really enjoy working with the Wood Blocks but have had some customer resistance....'they don't go with my stash'. So...the next project will combine 'regular' prints and Wood Block ones.

The Move

We are going to do this in three stages. Not as young as we were when we moved West! Ron and I are leaving next Sunday with some racks and computers to begin set up in the new store. We close on the NF house June 24, the moving van arrives on the 25th.  Thanks to our wonderful employees the store will continue operating in Bozeman until late June. Friends of Ron's have offered to drive the loaded U Haul truck across South Dakota to Northfield. We hope to have 'the wires twisted back together'...and begin shipping July 8-10.

 Yes I started blogging again because of something else going on in my life. Last winter I signed a contract with Andover Fabrics and made my first presentation to the Art Director this May at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. I hope to keep you informed about progress...Northfield and new Dargate prints!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

In the style of

Dutch Chintz.

Quilt Market in Pittsburgh last month was good although Peg and I were buying cautiously...not knowing when the store would be moving.( That date is now set for late June. Our house sold very quickly. Ron and I are leaving mid June.)  I did find some wonderful Dutch Style Chintzes. They could be the first arrivals in our new location, Northfield, MN.

A new experience scanning for the website. Sadly, I am leaving behind in MT three wonderful employees! Two of them, Lois and Lauren, have each been with me for more than 20 years. It is Lauren's job to teach me how to scan before I go!