Friday, August 1, 2014

Fabric Emergency

Today I got a call from a costume designer in NYC. They had a 'fabric emergency' and could I get 6 yards of FS312P out today with a Saturday am delivery in Brooklyn? I got it cut and shipped..and loved the idea of a fabric emergency. I think we have all been there!

My recent relocation of the store from Bozeman, MT to Northfield, MN started out well. We visited Northfield over Easter and found a great space for our business,, and on the last day a house! Our Bozeman house sold very quickly...and we found ourselves on the road in just 6 crazy weeks. My great crew in BZ ran the store until June 27th..packed everything up, loaded a U Haul truck and friends of Ron drove the store to Northfield on June 30. We had a crew of strong young men ready for the truck's arrival on July 1. Suddenly we were surrounded with lots and lots of boxes!

Not much has worked since! I have struggled with setting up support services...UPS, Fed Ex, US Postal Service...and basics like a working business phone ( the tech that installed the internet and phone services mislabeled the 2 phone lines..switching the phone and fax numbers. It took a long time with technical help to get that challenge figured out) and a scanner.

Then Ron became very ill and the local ER shipped him off to University of Minnesota 11 at night. I followed the ambulance in with our 90 # dog in back. Ron is doing much better...he was released after 5 days. I drove in to pick him up...took a wrong exit and got really really lost in rush hour traffic.

We are all back in Northfield and some of the support services are now working. I still have a wonky business phone and no scanner but some PEO sisters of mine here in Northfield heard of my situation. The very next day the Cavalry arrived. The space now looks like a real quilt shop...not much blank wall showing...and I should be ready to open to the public on Wednesday Aug 6th.

So having been through a very difficult month I loved that I could solve someone else's fabric emergency!!


ps Sunday we are invited to our youngest grandson's second birthday party...just 50 miles away. This makes it worth all the troubles.

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