Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fringe Benefits

I had the good fortune to attend a meeting of the Land 'o Lakes Quilt Study Group in Minneapolis yesterday. (Traffic on the Expressway was reasonable and I did not get lost!) The presentation was by Greg Winter (photographer for Minnesota Quilts). He happened onto the Pilgrim/Roy quilt exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this summer. His pictures and commentary were just wonderful.

My friend, Peg, who lives in Boston visited 7 times while the exhibit was open. I was prepared to see some great quilts...and was not disappointed.

Afterwards members showed their favorite quilt..and explained why it had that status.

Machine quilted on the diagonal

Chintz Applique by Gail Bakkon

Delightful Cathedral Windows Variation

I have never seen anything like this..for sure not in MT! More ears than I can count.


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