Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dargate--down memory lane

Last week I had 2 delightful house guests from Australia....Michelle Yeo and Virginia Pascall. We spent hours looking at Michelle's quilts and my fabric sample books! I now have a total of 9. Six from the 19th century and 3 from the 20th.

Dargate Book c. 1830

We all sorted through a drawer of Dargate scraps. Both Michelle and Virginia...were better than I at identifying the Dargate ranges for each print.

Dargate Doubles (1st line) with center from Illuminations

I have a little 'flutter' of pieced hexes using just Dargate prints for a 'someday' quilt.

Dargate Doubles (center) + Botanicals

I will have a new Dargate line printed by Andover this coming spring!
Dargate Treasury...Yes! 



  1. Looking forward to seeing the new line. Lucky Aussies to have seen your fabric books. Serious envy on my part!

  2. Virginia and I had a very special time visiting Margo. We were like kids in a lolly shop going through the fabric scrap drawers and found lots of wonderful treasures. Thank you so much for having us to stay Margo. I hope we can visit again in the future.