Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Future

From my new line with Andover Fabrics....Dargate Treasury

This is the red version of the idea print! Two very different complex stripes with 4 full repeats across the goods and plenty of room to cut between the two patterns. In my head I am already designing festive table runners and quilts using this print. Hopefully I will have sample yardage by late winter. The fabrics ship in May 2015.

The example above is a strike off. It always startles me when I receive strikes how the pattern...done on a flatten screen for the strike offs....will match up when made into a rotary. In my mind..I expect it to be just straight across...but that is not the case. Rather the match irregular. You can see white patches on the lower corner of this is where the scalloped curve of the 3 leaf clover will be next to the white flower cluster.
Happy all my readers. Think Dargate Treasury in Red for next year's Christmas fabric!

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading your blog about the stories and histories behind the fabrics you reproduce.